It's Super Chicken

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Description by Dangerboy3D


It's a Bird!... It's a Plane!... It's a... WTF!?

Poor Hana is learning the hard way about the value of checking her dry-cleaning bag before getting in a fix for her to change to her super alter-ego. Especially when she's planning to kick some criminal butt with her group of super friends that don't hold back on their laughing opinions.

Might wanna make a quick pit-stop home for a spare... that's if she wants to continue fighting crime tonight.

From left to right:
Kurenai - as Wonder Woman
Guren - as Danger Girl
Temari - Super Girl (but of course)
Anko - as SpiderGirl
Hana - as SuperChicken
Ino - as Mystique
Mizukage - as Poison Ivy
Tsunade - Invisible Girl
Hinata - Female Green Lantern
Myself - as the Joker makin this render.