Dark Elf Rosarita

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Description by Dangerboy3D


So like you’re walking back from the club after last call. You’re headin over to granny’s wearing your fresh red sweat suit carrying a basket of munchies. Not at all worried about no wolf cause he didn’t make it on his last parole hearing… Anyways, in the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of this hottie scoping you out from on top some tree dressed like this Halloween thing. She ain’t trying to hide from you either and obviously wants you the know she’s on you like your shadow. Now you clearly make her out to be one of them freaky dark elves like from those fantasy video games. Not the fairy type Lord of the Ring elves with fancy dresses and magic wands. This is more like those evil super sexy but nasty voodoo casting turn your ass into a frog and eat you type elves. Now the way I figure it, you’ve got two options.

Option A – Drop the basket and run like hell to granny’s house. Maybe she might have an extra pair of clean underwear you can change into while she calls 911.
Option B – Catch it, tie it up, tame it, then spank the living hell outta that blue-gray bottom for acting crazy and running around in the dark with those sharp ass blades.