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Description by RenDragonClaw of Deviantart: a digital organic hybrid that is equal parts magnificent bastard, destroyer of worlds, dictator, devious monster and internet troll. Having a merciless vendetta against humanity, Salaruis commands a dimension spanning empire of prehistoric monsters and enslaved populations. Got a boring invincible hero? Salaruis is your man. Got a team of garishly dressed teenage girls trying to cleanse the world in the name of love and justice? Salaruis will have them 'asking for it' by noon. Got some domineering empire that needs a good kick in the ass? Salaruis puts the 'burn' in burninated. To be blunt, Salaruis is the need to see things go horribly wrong become manifest. Thats not to say that Salaruis is a 'complete monster'. The guy has rules and isn't above inforcing them, by hell fire or bondage if need be.
Full Bio Here: http://kaijulord.deviantart.com/art/Salaruis-119148408